Thermador revolutionized the cooking range industry by coming with the world’s first wall oven, and also the first gas cook top. They have been manufacturing cookware appliances for the past 75 years. In addition to cooking appliances, they have also extended their presence into cleaning, refrigeration and ventilation products.

Thermador History

Thermador was founded in the year 1916 by William Cranston. In the initial years, they were primarily into manufacturing electric heaters and portable heaters. In the year 1947, Thermador became the first company in the world to introduce the wall oven and the gas cook top. In 1956, Thermador introduced residential warm drawers that were primarily used to warm food items when the oven was being used for cooking purposes. In 1963, Thermador made another innovation in the form of self-cleaning ovens.

By the mid-seventies, Thermador began to look at the concept of making cooking faster. After a year of research into this faster cooking aspect, they came up with the cooking appliance called the speed-cooking oven. This cooking appliance combined thermal heat with microwave cooking and enabled families to cook faster – by more than 40%.

In the early Eighties, they came up with more path-breaking innovations such as super-burners for gas cook tops that are capable of generating extreme heat, and the retractable downdraft ventilation system. In 1987, they were the first to come out with a sealed gas burner. By the mid-nineties, Thermador saw the need for a burner that would generate less flame. They came up with the world’s first lowflame burner that was ideal for melting chocolates and preparing sauces.

In 2002 they came out with the world’s first star shaped burner. In 2006 they came out with a cooking technology called Jet impingement which would help the household reduce cooking times by 50%. In the same year, they also came up with the concept of modular refrigeration that contains a built-in fresh food freezer and wine preservation columns.

Range of Appliances from Thermador

Thermador’s main range of appliances include a cooking range, refrigeration, and dish washers.

Thermador’s cooking range offers a wide variety of appliances including cooking ranges, cook tops, range tops, ovens, built-in coffee machines and warmer drawer. Their oven range include single, double, convection and steam and convection. The cook top range includes those that are powered by electric means, gas fired cook tops, and induction cook tops. Their microwave range includes both convection and traditional models. Warming drawers come in different models, including convection, traditional, custom panel and combinational models.


Thermador Range Tops Repair

Thermador have an excellent collection of range tops that include 30 inches, 36 inches and 48 inches range tops. Based on the configuration of the different elements within the range tops, there are 4 types of range tops that are available from Thermador. The different configurations available include 4 burners, 4 burners with griddle, 6 burners and 6 burners with griddle. Each and every configuration comes with unique features. Based on their requirements, families can choose the correct type of configuration that meets their expectations.

The professional cooking range comes in different types based on the type of fuel that is used to fire the professional cooking range, the size of the cooking range, and the configuration of the cooking range. Based on the type of fuel used, the different professional cooking ranges include all-gas, dual fuel and liquid propane. The different options available include 30 inches, 36 inches and 48 inches professional cooking ranges.

Thermador Warming Drawers Repair

The warming drawer range from Thermador includes those models that are convection based and traditional models. The different sizes available 27 inches, 30 inches and 36 inches. Similar to the other cooking range, they come in two different styles including custom panel and stainless steel. Built in coffee machines are available in standard sizes of 24 inches and they are made out of high-grade stainless steel, which is capable of lasting for a longer duration. They require very little maintenance and the drippings can easily be cleaned using a cotton cloth.

Thermador Kitchen Ventilation Systems Repair

Thermador also have an exhaustive range of kitchen ventilation systems including blower, chimney wall hood, down draft, island hood and wall hood. They are available in 8 different sizes including 21, 29, 30, 36, 40, 42, 48 and 54 inches. With respect to the configuration, they are available in two basic configurations including those models that come with blower and those models where the blower is sold separately.


Thermador Refrigerators Repair

Thermador offers a variety of refrigeration devices including the hugely popular single column refrigerators, single column freezers, bottom freezer refrigerators, wine refrigerators and side by side refrigerators.

Bottom freezer refrigerators come in different designs including 2-door and French door refrigerators. These refrigerators are available in two sizes – 30 inches and 36 inches. Similarly, Thermador side by side refrigerators have also captured significant marketplace in the side by side segment by providing a variety of options including 42 inches and 48 inches models, models with external ice and water dispenser and internal ice maker and those models that are made out of stainless steel. Wine refrigerators are available in 18 inches and 24 inches. They come in specific styles such as custom panel style, and popular models such as the masterpiece and professional models.

Thermador Dishwashers Repair

Thermador also offers a wide range of dishwashers. The different categories of dishwashers including those types that are divided based on the collection, configuration, series, collection and style. The different types of dishwashers available include 14 place settings and 15 place settings dishwashers. The different dishwashers available include custom panel and stainless steel. The different dishwasher models available include Emerald, Topaz, Sapphire and Star Sapphire. In addition to these categories, there are also basically two models of dishwashers including stainless control and standard control.

Thermador Appliance Repair

With such a wide range of cooking appliances and a rich history of coming up with innovative products from time to time, one can expect Thermador to come up cooking appliances that keeps pace with modern technology. New technology always brings new challenges when it comes to repair and maintenance, but Thermador has continued to offer good options when it comes to replacement spare parts and repair.