Wolf Appliances

Wolf is a well-known kitchen appliance company and brand that designs and manufactures a wide range of quality kitchen appliances.

Wolf History

The Wolf company was an independent appliance brand until it was acquired by the Sub-Freezer Company in 2000. Prior to this acquisition, Wolf was a very dominant player in the kitchen appliance industry.

During the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s, over half of the homes in the country had some type of Wolf appliance in their kitchen. This included stay-at-home moms who used a Wolf range to prepare family dinners, and also newlywed couples who purchased a Wolf convection oven for their first home. It was from the 1970’s to the 1980’s that Wolf saw some of its highest sales numbers and revenue percentages.

However by the late 1990’s, the company started seeing a decrease in sales and customer traffic. It was during this time that rumors began circulating about Wolf executives actively looking for a possible buyout or acquisition. It was not long after this that Wolf was officially acquired by the Sub-Zero Freezer Company. This acquisition was just what the Wolf company needed because it gave them additional manpower and financial resources to expand their marketing strategy and sales territory. Many industry analysts during this time stated that this acquisition was almost a match made in heaven. This was because both companies had products and services that complemented each other very well.

Twelve years later, this acquisition and partnership has resulted in a high quality and profitable full service appliance company. The includes Wolf providing high quality cooking appliances, and the Sub-Zero Freezer company offering high end refrigerator related items.

Wolf Appliances

When it comes to cooking appliances, Wolf offers a full line of items such as electric cook tops and built-in ovens. In regards to electric cook tops, customers can select from several different cook top sizes which range from fifteen to thirty six inches. The fifteen-inch model is a good option for an individual who may cook at home only two to three times a week, while the thirty-six inch cook top would work very well for a couple or family. Cook tops are great for heating up meals and also making things like gravies, pudding and sauces. In regards to Wolf’s line of built-in ovens, these are also available in a variety of models and sizes. This includes a thirty-six inch L series, and also a thirty-inch E series single oven. The advanced technology and built-in features make cooking things like pies, cakes, and turkeys simple and stress free.

Some of other cooking related items manufactured by Wolf include gas cook tops, warming drawers, outdoor grills, and dual fuel ranges. In terms of Wolf’s outdoor grill line, there are models and sizes that fit a variety of needs and budget. This includes the thirty-inch model that is ideal for grilling vegetables, and the fifty-four inch model that is great for an outdoor picnic and grilling party.


Wolf Appliance Issues

Although Wolf cooking products are made with advanced technology and high quality materials, customers still experience problems with their products from time to time. One of the most common problem is faulty temperature knobs. This happens most often with Wolf outdoor grills and built-in ovens. In some cases this issue is related to faulty parts, and in other cases it is the result of carelessness and improper use. Other common problems with Wolf appliances include no heat coming from electrical cook tops, built-in ovens that overheat, overpowering gas smells, and also unbalanced heating distribution.

Customers who experience overpowering gas smells when using their Wolf gas cook top or range, should immediately turn the appliance off, unplug it and then call the gas company or 911. For those who experience unbalanced heat distribution, they should first check to make sure that the entire surface area is clean. Sometimes if food has been spilled on to the heating area it can often prevent the heat distribution from coming through. If this is not the problem, then check to see if the entire heating ring is working. If this is the case, then immediately contact a warranty representative to see about getting a repair date scheduled or ask the warranty agent about getting a replacement part shipped to your home.

In regards to complaints and problems with Wolf’s outdoor grills, most of these are related to either undercooking or overheating. The advanced technology built into the outdoor grill can sometimes make it a little complicated to use. This includes customers not understanding how to correctly set the temperature, and also not understanding the proper way to clean the stainless steel grill grates. Not knowing how to properly use the heat settings can result in either overcooked or undercooked food, while not knowing how to properly clean the grates can potentially damage the inside of the grill. The best solution for this is to test out the grill first with small food item like a turkey sausage or corn on the cob. This will help a customer get slowly acclimated to the heat settings. Once they get used to the settings, they will feel more confident grilling larger foods like salmon and chicken.

Some customers have also reported problems with Wolf’s dual fuel ranges. The main problem seems to be the heating temperature in the bottom oven. Some customers complain that the temperature setting and heating level don’t always match. Because of this, these customers have experienced burnt cakes and pies, and half-baked meat loafs. For those who have experienced this problem, it is recommended to make sure that the temperature setting knob is secure, and also that the interior of the oven is clean. If this problem continues, then the next step is to call for repair service.


Wolf Appliance Repair

Additional tips for maintaining Wolf appliances and preventing problems include making sure to always keep the appliance surfaces clean, follow all cooking directions carefully, making sure not to purposely overheat your cook top or range, and most importantly making sure to purchase additional warranty coverage for any Wolf kitchen appliance you purchase. This will help to provide another layer of customer protection in case any unusual or unexpected problems or issues arise.