Washing Machine Repair

Washer come in a different shapes and sizes. The washing machines are of the following types:

  1. Washing machines with the front  loading;
  2. Washing machines with the top loading;
  3. Built-in washing machines.

The only difference between them is the type of loading. The washing machines may also be distinguished by the width, the drum volume, material the drum is made of, by the type of control etc.

control etc.

Top brands normally divide their washing machines into the following types:

  1. According to the type of loading:
  • Front Load Washers;
  • Top Load Washers;
  • TurboWash™ Washers
  1. Concerning the washer category:
  • Compact Loader;
  •  Front Loader;
  •  Top Loader.
  1. Concerning optional features:
  • TurboWash™;
  •  Steam;
  •  Stackable.
  1. Regarding the color.

The Washing Machines are always with the fresh design and new innovations implemented. Recently, there began to appear beautiful patterns and drawings on the appliances, which are beautifully arranged with their form and color. Such a washing machine is a great addition to your kitchen or bathroom. It will be suitable for every design.

As the washing machine is very important component of household appliances, we should know the basic rules and methods how to take care of it to prevent any breakdowns. Here are some of them:

  1. Concerning the external care:
  •  Clean the external part of the washing machine with a damp cloth and a neutral detergent;
  • It is necessary to keep the electrical cables and hoses undamaged;
  • Use only no alcohol detergents etc.
  1. Concerning the internal care:
  • Keep the drawers for washing powder, detergents and softeners always clean. For that purpose, use a damp cloth and a soapy water;
  • From time to time keep a look on the drum;
  • Do not use too much washing powder or detergent during the washing;
  • Go through the clothes you are going to wash in the washing machine. Are there any metal bones, buttons, pins or something that may damage the washing machine;
  • Use only that washing powder with the mark “Automatic” etc.

But in case if, in the long run, there have appeared any breakdowns or malfunctions, do not try to eliminate that yourself. Contact us; the Washing Machine Repair  – Appliances Repair Burbank is always ready to help.