Jenn-Air Appliances

Jenn-Air is a kitchen appliances designing company which has been a major player since its first introduction to the market – the self-ventilated cooktop, in 1961. Over the years, they have continued their status as a technological leader in kitchen appliances with many patents, high-class features and original designs. Exclusive designs from Jenn-Air have converted a kitchen space into a happening place. Their obligation to product modernization has made it possible to create extraordinary experiences in the kitchen. From designing to provision and plating to presentation, they deliver astonishing outcomes every time.

For those who take their culinary pleasures seriously, a high-performance cooking exterior with controlling jets is a must have. But with high power comes a higher need to clear out smoke and cooking aromas. The latest systems for ventilation from Jenn-Air not only manage this vital task robustly, silently and elegantly, but do so with a range of lustrous designs that assimilate flawlessly into high-end kitchens, according to Juliet Johnson, manager of brand experience for Jenn-Air.

The Jenn-Air product range includes wall ovens, grills, range tops, ventilation, microwave ovens, cook tops, cooking ranges, warming drawers, dishwashers, refrigerators, and compactors.

Jenn-Air Electric Grill Issues

For the Jenn-Air Electric Grill the electronic lighter can become damaged very fast. Sometimes the burner would not shut off the gas when it is lit. This grill is made economically, so it needs to be thoroughly cleaned and serviced by a Jenn-Air technician. Never use the Jenn-Air Grill without cleaning the burners properly. Burners that are not cleaned properly can cause the gas to leak and might cause some damage to the grill as a whole which in turn results in a costly repair.

The new grill design is faulty with heating system because it sits next to or touching grill instead of inches away like it used to be. So the Jenn-Air stove may melt if we leave it at high temperatures for a very long time. The new style grill will melt, fusing with the heat element leaving a pool of liquid metal in the tray. So make sure to cook only at the desired temperatures. Never leave the stove unattended if it is at a high temperature. Read the manual very carefully before setting on higher temperatures for a very long time.

There is sometimes a problem with the touch pad, but it is not a big problem. Just open the front part of the appliance using a screwdriver, release the parts for the timer, put in the new unit and the system is good to go. This part can be ordered online. It runs about $180-$200 with shipping.

The grill BTUs could never be attuned to give equivalent temperature; there was an insulation packing surrounding the convection fan so that it did not run; the spark plug unit on the grill side broke off very easily.


Jenn-Air Stove Issues

The Jenn-Air oven LCD display may go blank sometimes, so it gives no idea whether the stove is on or what temperature it may be at. The main issue with the Jenn-Air cook top is that it was very tough to clean.

The main issue with Jenn-Air refrigerator is that the ice maker brakes frequently. The doors designing itself got some issue that it will not close properly unless the lock is put or actually remember to push them closed. This means close the door, and then as a second step push on it again. This might end up leaving the door open.So it uses way more electricity than it should and cause high electricity bills.

For Jenn-Air cooking the stove is of low quality. The fan motor is insufficient. The metal foil knobs are economical but will fail very easily. The stove top easily scratches. The oven sometimes cannot reach required cooling temperatures. The cooking range control panel gets damaged very easily. The control panel needs to be properly covered from food or water spills. This will result in the fuse blowing and the fan motor to fail, so make sure that the control panels are properly secured before using the cooking range. Fortunately, the newer model does not have the same type of control panel. This tackles this problem to some extent, but still need more engineering research in this area.

Jenn-Air Dryer Issues

For Jenn-Air dryer the ‘jet dry’ partition can outflow and cause a fire. This mainly happens when the dryer is set to a quick dry option or any option below 30 minutes. This is an issue with the Jenn-Air design, and they have already recalled the faulty appliances. The new models in the market do not have this issue of breaking the ‘jet dry’ compartment because they are engineered with latest technology by the Jenn-Air designing team.

Jenn-Air Tips and Trips

  • Only begin spring-cleaning if all oven components and holders are totally cool.
  • For Jenn-Air refrigerators never keep the door open as it can affect performance. Always make sure that the doors are properly closed and locked.
  • Never use a wet cloth to dust or clean the control panels in the dryers and cook tops.
  • Always make sure that the dryer is not overloaded.
  • Keep the instruction manuals handy for any appliance.
  • For electric ovens always use the self-cleaning option as it is safe on the appliance’s circuits. Never try to open the door while self-cleaning. Jenn-Air recommends against using oven cleaners. If food is not cleaned from within the oven, it can react with the ceramic and may result in everlasting tints and can affect the oven’s paint.

Jenn-Air Appliance Repair

Since the company introduces the first self-ventilated cooktop in 1961 and an even better range in 1965, the Jenn-Air trademark has steadily developed its status as a machinery and enterprise trendsetter. They still stay as the market leader in kitchen appliances because of their commitment to customers, but the rather high profile failures of certain appliances have caused the brand to take some hits over the years. In the end, they are still one of the most respected kitchen appliance manufacturers in the business.