Fisher & Paykel Appliances

Fisher & Paykel History

People have trusted the innovations that are the core of Fisher and Paykel Appliances, Ltd. since 1934. Headquartered in New Zealand, the company is responsible for some of the smartest designs in the household appliance industry. Homeowners enjoy the ease-of-use, the sleek design and the environmental-friendliness of appliances manufactured by Fisher & Paykel.

The technology behind the corporation’s two North American brands, Fisher & Paykel and DCS by Fisher & Paykel, is backed by a design and manufacturing team whose integrity has made them an industry leader for nearly eight decades. The brands are available in North America through over 5,000 stores. In addition to these distribution points, the company operates seven strategically located warehouses. Fisher & Paykel produces some of the finest appliances for use in the laundry, and in both indoor and outdoor kitchens. Outside North America, the brands are well-received in over 80 countries.

Fisher & Paykel Appliances

The Fisher & Paykel brand is focused on highly innovative products. They developed the Brushless Direct Current Motor before anyone else. In fact, they have been responsible for several firsts, including the DishDrawer, a drawer dishwasher; CoolDrawer, a multi-temperature drawer for refrigerators; and CookSurface, a stovetop that features glass-in-glass technologies.

The DCS brand leads the way in implementing state-of-the-art technologies in cooking appliances for both indoor and outdoor kitchen applications. DCS by Fisher & Paykel came about with the 2004 acquisition of U.S. based Dynamic Cooking Systems. They began serving commercial food preparation needs, but have now successfully branched into the residential kitchen as well. They hold the patents for such firsts as their Dual Flow burners and Grease Management System. These advancements in cooking technology give the cook greater control over cooking temperatures and allow the use of higher temperatures while preventing grease flash fires. These technologies make it possible for the home chef to cook delicious dishes with results previously enjoyed by professionals only.

For over 76 years the innovators at Fisher & Paykel have made their presence felt in laundry rooms and kitchens all across the globe. They hold over 420 patents and a product line that includes dishwashers, built-in ovens, electric cooktops, washers & dryers, ranges and refrigerators.


Fisher & Paykel Washing Machines

Some of the more recent groundbreaking developments include the release in the 1980’s of the first electronic washing machine. To further enhance their washer product line; in 1990 the corporation presented the world with SmartDrive, the first direct drive motor. Just a little over 10 years later, Fisher & Paykel once again made history with the advent of AquaSmart, an energy and water saving platform that greatly exceeds Energy Star standards set by the EPA. About the same time, SmartLoad was introduced. This was the first top loading dryer with a huge capacity that saved users’ time and energy. In 2000, the AeroTech true convection oven system was introduced. These are just a few of the many technology-driven advancements from Fisher & Paykel as they continue to design, develop and deploy industry firsts that deliver the ultimate in user satisfaction and unmatched performance.

Fisher & Paykel Appliance Repair

Because these innovative products rely heavily on microprocessors. The downside is that microprocessors have a tendency to fail if subjected to changes in the environment. Heat, cold, moisture, shock and power fluctuations can result in the appliance ceasing to function.

The upside is that microprocessor-driven appliances are capable of displaying a trouble code and in some cases, instructions for resolving the trouble. Fisher & Paykel appliances are supported in North America by over 2,000 appliance service & repair operations. The company has in-depth user guides that come with the appliance and online backups are always available should the owner be unable to locate the original.

Problems with this brand run more frequently than rivals and this has caused numerous websites and forums to spring up on the internet to offer quick solutions for easy to resolve problems. Complaints indicate that the most common appliance to have trouble is the Fisher & Paykel dishwasher. Improper loading, improper program selection, improper detergents, waterline problems and electrical fluctuations can play havoc with even the highest quality dishwasher.

As with a motorized device, the old adage “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” comes into play. The user’s guide gives owners all the information they need to ensure routine maintenance is completed in a timely fashion. Putting off maintenance will only leave you wishing later that you had not.

The rule of thumb with devices is that if there are a problem, check the moving parts first. Switches, buttons, hoses and other parts that are in motion during operation are prime candidates for failure. Parts wear out, switches become loose, and wires can break. Again, routine service by a local authorized service technician will go a long way towards helping the owner identify and correct problems before they result in a system fail.

Warranties are expressly violated when the product owner grabs a screwdriver and gets to work opening panels, fidgeting with the wires and putting themselves and the appliance at risk for mishap. The Fisher & Paykel website is a one-stop shopping location for information about troubleshooting, parts, installation and use. The guides offered are free and downloadable for owner convenience.

There are also handy location functions to find a store or a local service provider. Product brochures can also be downloaded or viewed and they have a plethora of information about the proper use and maintenance of the appliance in question. Warranties should be read so as to avoid voiding them. It is always better to contact an authorized service professional than to attempt to make needed repairs and end up damaging the unit or causing injury or death.


Fisher & Paykel Conclusion

The Fisher & Paykel line of products are designed and built with the greatest technological advances in the industry and they are manufactured to last. Customer service is responsive to the needs of the product owner and every effort will be made to ensure that the appliance is in excellent condition and full working order. This brand has been respected for nearly 80 years.