The international corporation ASKO manufactures high-performance dishwashers, washers, and dryers that operate with less detergent, electricity, and water of other leading brands. The company has been in business for over sixty years, and offers a customizable line of products.

ASKO Appliance History

Motivated to build an innovative washer for his mother, Karl-Erick Andersson, a young Swedish farmer, began construction a revolutionary design in the year 1950. With the successful construction of an environmentally friendly machine with proven cleaning ability, a manufacturing company was formed right on the farm. ASKO still stands there to this day.

Continuing the ideals established by Andersson, ASKO is now internationally recognized as a manufacturer and dealer of high quality, environmentally conscious appliances. In 1999, ASKO was awarded an environmental certification in accordance with ISO 14001 for their increased conscious efforts in developing innovative environment friendly products.

ASKO Appliance Repair

ASKO advertises that their dishwashers are among the most water-efficient in the world, in addition to being low on detergent, and excellent at energy consumption. Today, the majority of the materials used to create ASKO appliances are recyclable. All dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers manufactured by ASKO are energy star rated.


ASKO Dishwasher Repair

ASKO manufactures five distinct types of dishwashers.

  • The ASKO Integrated Dishwasher is built into the kitchen, and becomes an operating element within the decor.
  • The ASKO Panel Ready Dishwasher is not only built into the kitchen, but actually blends into the cabinetry. At a simple glance, guests will not even realize the dishwasher is there, as all controls and functions exist on a panel within the unit. ASKO Panel Ready Dishwashers can even be made to match custom cabinets in your home.
  • ASKO proudly offers ADA (American Disabilities Act) certified machines as well, which follow a strict height guideline. These machines are designed specifically for disabled adults who require special machines; they are also a great addition to a kitchen with limited space.
  • Encore Dishwashers produced by ASKO offer the popular TouchProof™ stainless steel; these appliances offer the sleek look of stainless steel without the concern of constantly showing finger marks and smudges.
  • Finally, the ASKO Outdoor Dishwasher is an excellent addition to any outdoor kitchen; it is specifically manufactured to last in harsh outdoor conditions.

ASKO Washing Machines Repair

In addition to providing consumers with dishwashing appliance, ASKO also manufactures appliances to wash and dry laundry. ASKO UltraCare machines are designed to clean and dry clothes for any size of family. Offering many designs and features, these appliances all perform at the highest efficiency possible. Built-in designer machines can be customized to match the latest trends, and even match existing cabinetry. Family-sized machines can take on larger loads of laundry while still offering a minimal consumption of water and electricity.


ASKO Dryer Repair

Drying closets are another popular appliance ASKO manufactures. Clothing that needs to be dried but cannot go in the dryer can simply be hung in the drying cabinet. Once clothing is in the cabinet, a low heat gently dries them, which cause significantly less damage to colors and fabrics then the sun, and uses less energy than conventional dryers. Anything from shoes to bedspreads can be dried in the cabinet, simply hanging shirts on a hanger and placing them in the cabinet will reduce wrinkles and shrinking, saving time and money.

ASKO offers many additional little features to assist with laundry, including built in ironing boards and pull out shelves. These HiddenHelpers™ offer a sleek way to complete your laundry, then simply fold up and stow away out of sight when not in use.

ASKO Appliance Repair Issues

According to customer reviews, common repair problems with ASKO products seem to be confounded by a lack of customer service. There are numerous complaints regarding the lack of follow through, and how the company handles the repair of products. Several reviews make note that ASKO discontinues parts for their appliances, making repairs nearly impossible.

Extreme problems with products range from the pump in washing machines going bad, preventing the machine from draining water, to the motherboard overheating in the dishwasher, which can cause fire damage.

The overall lack of customer service and the strict adhesion to a two year warranty seems to be a resounding theme in the reasons consumers can have problems with ASKO appliances. However, many consumers have noted that there is an additional year of warranty coverage available if after purchase the customer fills out a card and mails it back to the company within 90 days.

Typical problems associated with the products themselves include washing machines not draining water, not filling with water, or not satisfactorily cleaning clothes. Dishwashers have similar problems in that they too will not fill, or drain water properly, additionally there may be problems when using the dish dry feature. Many of the models have specific error codes that will display when there is a unique problem.

The ASKO website offers a tool for troubleshooting most problems with their machines. To use the Service Saver ™ a customer simply provides the make (ASKO Washing Machine, ASKO Dryer, ASKO Dishwasher), Model number (often available on the product itself), and a brief description of the problem. Once submitted a step-by-step list of instructions are provided to correct the error, and target the problem. The website advertises that most of the problems experienced with the appliances are easy for the customer to fix themselves. There is a link at the bottom of this tool to verify the status of the warranty on the product as well, if the repair cannot be easily made.

ASKO Repair

When it comes to purchasing any major appliance, such as a dishwasher, washing machine, or dryer, it is important to do your research. Make sure you know what features and add-ons you are looking for in your appliance. If you do buy ASKO, make sure you fill out and submit the extra year warranty card within the first 90 days of owning the product. As with all major appliances, it is important to keep a copy of the purchase receipt, as well as any manuals and information that comes with your appliance. Finally, when looking at products know which features are most important to you, and verify that the product you are interested in offers them.